Died `the father of cryonics` Robert Ettinger

Died `the father of cryonics` Robert EttingerIn the United States died physicist Robert Ettinger, who created the concept of cryonics whose followers are asked to freeze them after death in the hope that over time, scientists will find a way to resurrect people.The Oettinger body was also placed in a freezing chamber and became the 106th among stored at the cryonics Institute, scientist was founded in 1976, the Associated Press reports.Robert Ettinger died on Saturday, July 23, at the age of 92 at his home in the suburbs of Detroit. According to media reports, for several years he was sick and felt bad."My father devoted himself to business, which would have allowed it to friends and other people to come back to life. No one can say for sure, get it or not, but we think there is a good chance of success", - quotes "gazety" the words of the son of scientist David.Oettinger, who taught physics at an American University before the Second world war, he was drafted into the army, went to the European front where he was severely wounded during the battle of Ardennes. He spent several years in hospitals, where he was implanted bone graft, allowed to walk. The success of the operation was inspired by Oettinger on the idea that science is able to return a man's life after death.American received the unofficial title of "father of cryonics" because of published in 1964, the book the Prospect of immortality". For nearly half a century Oettinger defended in his articles and speeches on radio and television, the idea of cryonics.Some believe Robert Ettinger also a pioneer of the philosophy of transhumanism on the basis of which he wrote in 1972 the book "From man to Superman". In his work, the scientist argued that future technology will make the concept of death is irrelevant.In 1976, Ettinger founded the cryonics Institute, located in the state of Michigan. The first "patient", according to "RBC", became the mother of the researcher RIA, who died in 1977. There are also the bodies of his two wives.Customers of the cryonics Institute is required to pay 28 thousand dollars to their bodies after death on indefinitely were placed in a tank of liquid nitrogen and a temperature of minus 196 degrees.In Russia, the first coldstore was opened in 2006. The company "Kriorus" providing services "for the freezing of bodies and brains", has leased the former school building in a village near Moscow Alabino. For a significant sum of 9 thousand dollars - enterprising businessmen invited everyone to turn immortal dream of eternal life in the hope a reality. So, loving grandson froze brains grandmother - teacher of mathematics.The opinion of expertsScientists are more than skeptical about the idea of cryopreservation followed by resurrection. At the Institute of Cytology RAS believe that "the state of the science to date does not allow complete freezing and thawing of large warm-blooded organism"."All the cells of an organism must be exposed to freezing or thawing simultaneously and with great speed that cannot be repeated today. Why advertising cryonics is a dirty business," said doctor of biological Sciences Nicholas Shubin.In turn, the Director of the brain Institute, corresponding member of RAS Svyatoslav Medvedev said: "If you allow the brain dead at least for a few minutes, the stored identity information may be lost - possibly forever." Source: Died "the father of cryonics Robert Ettinger.

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