Found unknown portrait of Velazquez

Found unknown portrait of VelazquezIn London among the paintings of the British painter Matthew Shepperson (Matthew Shepperson, 1785-1874) was discovered an unknown portrait by Spanish artist of the seventeenth century by Diego velГЎzquez.About this newspaper The London Evening Standard. In August 2010 pictures of Sheperson brought to the UK capital at the Bonhams auction, where experts immediately noticed that one painting is very different from the others in technique, and suggested that it could be written by Velasquez. After this picture was taken off the auction, and the head office contacted Bonhams specialists from Madrid and Dublin, which after research proved the authorship of the Spaniard.On the Bonhams website reported that the portrait of the unknown man will be put up for auction of old masters, which will take place on 7 December. The auction house estimates the picture 2.2-3.4 million euros. Head of Bonhams old master Andrew Mackenzie Andrew Mackenzie) expressed confidence that the movie will cause a stir, because such discoveries occur "once in a lifetime".Despite the fact that the person who posed reliably established, it has been suggested that Velasquez could represent Juan Mateos, Manager of the Royal hounds.Pictures of Sheperson was sold in August last year. As notes the edition, each Briton was estimated at 350 thousand euros. Art historians suggest that the canvas velГЎzquez was among the collection of Sheperson not by chance - perhaps the British artist was a collector of paintings. The current owner of the painting, who inherited the works of Sheperson, wished to remain anonymous.The last time the work of Velasquez was sold at auction in 2006. Currently, only 4 paintings by the Spanish artist, who are individuals. Source: Found unknown portrait of Velazquez.

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