Noam Murro is preparing a prequel to `300 Spartans`

Noam Murro is preparing a prequel to `300 Spartans`Very interesting interpretation of historical events intend to offer the audience the creators of the film "300: the Battle of Artemisia", which will be a prequel to the famous movie by Zack Snyder.As reported by the resource MovieHole, a detailed description of the plot is contained in the casting sheets, which will be offered to potential performers of the main roles.In particular, it became known that the plot is basically not even concentrate on the Persian king Xerxes, his enthronement and the campaigns in Greece and to a certain prophetess-Artemisia.According to the authors of the project, it was she who persuaded Xerxes to take revenge from the Greeks for the murder of his father," (though in fact no evidence of violent death the Persian ruler no - note KinoNews).Moreover, the impact of Artemisia was so great that she even tried to persuade to go to the side of Persia, the Greek commander Themistocles who created the Athenian fleet and inflicted crushing defeat on the Persians in the future.Recall that the Director of the Israeli film will be directed by Noam Murro. Source: Noam Murro is preparing a prequel to "300"".

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