Daughter Elena Zakharova died in hospital

Daughter Elena Zakharova died in hospital8-month-old daughter of the actress died Thursday night in a hospital from an acute viral infection.The doctors six days fought for the life of the baby with a touching double name Anna-Maria. The actress all the time I was with my daughter in the intensive care unit. But, despite all efforts of doctors, the baby did not manage to save.A week ago, when the girl suddenly rose to high temperature, Zakharov thought that this is a common children's cold. Moreover, in young children during the autumn cold snap that happens frequently. But it was much more serious.Arrived on a call, the ambulance was rushed Anne-Marie in the city infectious diseases hospital No. 2, where it was immediately placed in the intensive care unit.All this time, the 8-month-old girl had a high fever. The doctors diagnosed an acute viral infection.- Elena it was hard to watch - shared with Life News employee of the clinic, where they tried to save a child actress. - She's a strong woman, self-sacrificing mother. We all wondered how she had only the strength to survive all that. She did everything that the girl recovered, but fate decreed otherwise.Actress Elena Zakharova have long dreamed about the baby. Finding family happiness along with 43-year-old businessman, Zakharova in February of this year became a mother.Specially for my daughter this summer, the couple bought a house in Miami on the ocean and a whole summer spent there on vacation. A month ago the actress along with her daughter returned to his home in Moscow and was preparing to shoot a new movie. But the unexpected illness of a daughter now divided her life into "before" and "after".- For Lena and her husband is a terrible loss, all this time, while the baby was in the hospital, Lena was beside herself and now just shut down and even stopped responding to calls. May God give her strength to overcome this tragedy - shared with Life News friends of the actress. Source: Daughter Elena Zakharova died in hospital.

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