Verka Serduchka was in a fight with Sergey Shochetim

Verka Serduchka was in a fight with Sergey ShochetimPopular artist Andrey Danilko, better known as forever positive conductor Verka Serduchka, a fight with the contractor chanson Sergei Shochetim.Andrey Danilko in the image of Verka Serduchka was to speak among other representatives of show business, such as "Turetsky Choir" and Sofia Rotaru - on the birthday of one official in Kiev. There he met and singer Sergey sukhacheva. In anticipation of its release Danilko joked, seeing his Ukrainian counterpart, saying something like "mommy, look at that boy," writes "Moskovsky Komsomolets".However, the "boy" Sergey Sukhachev was clearly not in a playful mood and said quite rudely: "Boys, it's in your dens". Danilko it said something, but the fight never came, and the artists went, seemingly with the world. But soon Andrew, who, as they say, was drunk, and wearing the famous hat with the star directly on top of the caps, appeared in the hall, and there he found sukhacheva.Word for word - and that men have proposed to each other to "go talk". However, the fight took place right there and after a few seconds the hat with the star lying on the floor, and the Danilko managed to be wounded by a fragment of his headgear. To separate the fighting artists, guests ran, and the conflict finally stopped the birthday boy himself, who will surely remember this your birthday.Meanwhile Andrey Danilko prefer to refrain from comments about this incident. Source: Verka Serduchka had a fight with Sergey Shochetim.

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