On Amy Winehouse constantly `profited by its managers`

On Amy Winehouse constantly `profited by its managers`The death of 27-year-old singer Amy Winehouse, was found on July 23 dead in her apartment in London, many were shocked and became the main theme in the British news, blocking even the terrorist attacks in Norway, RIA Novosti reported.According to people who collaborated with the artist, Amy constantly profited by its managers", many knew about her struggles with drugs and alcohol, but no one came to her aid, leaving her alone with their addiction.As told by one of the co-organizers closed the concert Weinhaus in Moscow David Burghardt, during your stay in the capital "she was under some buzz, and walked like zombies." He noticed that this show is not caused nothing but pity."Amy came in a huge entourage of managers, guards and assistants, I think, more than Madonna. And they are all bloodsuckers - they know she has issues, but not only did not hinder her, but also brought all the drugs and drink on a silver platter. I had a feeling that they don't want to help her - she's their cash cow. It's a pity that nobody tried to save her - she was young. Don't understand how they could have let her down like that," laments David."Took her from Moscow already quite insane - I could not walk, constantly cut off. When it came time to pass through passport control, the security guard was just holding hands," recalls Burghardt, which even failed to fully appreciate the talent of the singer. On stage, Winehouse behaved the same as the last time all few concerts. "She barely made it to the stage, on it most of the time she stood with her back to the crowd, spoke from the stage with his team, sang sluggish, then all of the village. I was just in shock," - said the Agency interlocutor.Recently, fans of the singer rarely and managed to catch her on stage, and the last tour Amy this year ended in a fiasco. Beginning in may tour in June had to be interrupted in Belgrade, at the concert, she felt ill several times and forgot the lyrics.At the moment a drug overdose the consequence considers as one of the working versions of the death of the singer. The official reason will be called only after an autopsy and Toxicological tests. But already, some media reported that a few hours before death she was Dating a drug dealer. Source: Amy Winehouse constantly profited by its managers"".

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