Liza Boyarskaya told about the affair with Khabensky

Liza Boyarskaya told about the affair with KhabenskySt. Petersburg's theater community is excited by hearings about the novel by Konstantin Khabensky and Lisa. But the rumors are not true.And how many times the idle wordsmiths "bred" acting couple Liza Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev - say, the spouses do not live together, not seeing each other for a long time, referring to a difficult work schedule, the family plans to have a baby, why Lisa gets special treatment. And this move definitely shows the strength of family ties. So what binds actually Boyar with Khabensky?About this Elizabeth said in an interview. The actors met at the audition for the film "Admiral"."I auditioned with different partners, for the role of Anna claimed a huge number of Actresses. I very long did not claim. The first time came in December of 2005, and I was adopted in may 2006. These six months, I about anything else except Anna, could not think. Image Timireeva became very close to me. When cast, the happiness knew no bounds", - sitemynet actress. And got her a role only afterafter a trial with Khabensky."This was our first meeting with Konstantin Yurevich. We met on the set of "Admiral", then there was a collaboration in "the Twist of fate. Continuation" and later in the TV version of "Admiral". We immediately turned to steam, and this very rarely happens. Maybe because we are members of one school of acting and studied at one Institute and even lived in the same city. Twenty minutes after meeting we began speaking one foreign language. Everyone on set literally froze. It immediately became clear: there was a couple, He and She" - shares his memories of Elizabeth.Actors binds very close friendship, but details of the relationship Lisa refuses to disclose. Exactly Lisa was one of the first supported Khabensky after his wife's death and became the godmother of the son of Ivan..."I don't want to comment on that. I can only say that now Konstantin - my great friend and mentor. It is an important person in my life and communion with him is always a joy," says the actress. Source: Liza Boyarskaya told about the affair with Khabensky.

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