The Minister of culture explained the dismissal of Gorenstein

The Minister of culture explained the dismissal of GorensteinThe only possible solution of the conflict in the State academic symphonic orchestra of a name of Svetlanova was the dismissal of artistic Director Mark Gorenstein.On Thursday, September 29, said the Minister of culture Alexander Avdeev, yesterday signed the order for dismissal of the conductor.In an interview to "Interfax" Avdeyev said that "confrontation in the orchestra has reached such a level and such intensity, what other decision to make was impossible.28 removal from office of Gorenstein also commented on a press-the Secretary Avdeeva Natalia Uvarova. According to her, the task of the Ministry was to save one of the leading orchestras in Russia, the conflict situation which has come to a standstill. "The responsibility for such conflicts is always borne by the head of the institution," said Uvarov.A message about the dismissal of Mark Gorenstein appeared on 28 September on the website of the Ministry of culture. The same evening, the conductor stated that outraged by this decision and plans to appeal it in court. Gorenstein also admitted that he has a recorded conversation with the Minister of culture, with whom he h spoke before dismissal. 29 the number of the former artistic Director of the JI-AP is planning to give a press conference.Gorenstein repeatedly suggested that the conflict in the state academic Symphony Orchestra was initiated by the Ministry of culture, namely a "puppeteer" who decided to remove the conductor from the post of artistic Director and chief conductor of the state academic Symphony Orchestra.When the Ministry of culture will appoint the new head of the JI-AP, is still unknown. However, the musicians have said that in place of Gorenstein they would like to see Valery Gergiev or Alexander Lazarev.Open conflict in the state academic Symphony Orchestra began in the second half of August, when the artists wrote a letter to Minister of culture with a request to dismiss the Gorenstein. The musicians accused the conductor of rudeness, incompetence and establishing in the orchestra of "dictatorship". In addition, artists have pointed to the large turnover of personnel and monetary penalties which have become common practice in the state academic Symphony Orchestra.Mark Gorenstein was led by the JI-AP since 2002. Source: Minister of culture explained the dismissal of Gorenstein.

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