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Russian scandal `Miss Georgia`

Russian scandal `Miss Georgia`The contest "Miss Georgia 2011" shaken by the scandal, the consequences of which the organizers just don't know what to do.The most beautiful girl of the country selected by a Russian. And according to the rules of the global competition, which should drive the winner of the national tour to present Tbilisi should only Georgian.1 October in Batumi hosted the final of the contest "Miss Georgia 2011". The title of the most beautiful girls went to 19-year-old Zaneta Kerdikoshvili. It was assumed that the owner of crown was supposed to represent Georgia at the contest "Miss world", which will be held in London. However, on the road to glory Zaneta has encountered an unexpected obstacle.According to the rules of the contest, contestants must be a citizen of Georgia, what must indicate in the application. Meanwhile, it became clear that Kerdikoshvili is not a citizen of Georgia, as last year he received Russian citizenship and automatically lost Georgian. This information was officially confirmed in the Ministry of justice of Georgia.According to local media, Kerdikoshvili lives in St. Petersburg with his parents, and in Georgia, she came especially to participate in the contest. The members of the jury say about the incident that their competence was not part of the study of the question of nationality of the contestants.Meanwhile, the organizers of the contest "Miss Georgia" refuse to answer the question about whether the questioned victory Kerdikoshvili, reports "Interfax".It should be noted that this is not the first scandal beauty pageants in recent times, which can cause changes in the composition of the participants of the upcoming contest "Miss world". Recently one happened in Finland. As written, the Days., in September, the winner of the contest "Miss Suomi" for the first time in the history of this country refused the crown.20-year-old Pia Pakarinen, recently represented his country at the contest "Miss universe", but not who made it into the finals, criticized the system of organization of the contest, calling it "callous". According to Northern beauties, after winning the girls are left to their fate, not showing the slightest interest.Right now "Miss Finland" given to the first Vice-miss Sarah Sieppi. She's already had its first photo shoot as the most beautiful girls in the country and began to prepare to participate in the contest "Miss world". Source: Russian a scandal at the "Miss Georgia"".

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