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Party `Home-2` jumped off the balcony of the 2nd floor

Party `Home-2` jumped off the balcony of the 2nd floorParticipant reality show "House-2" Ilya Sidorov jumped off the second floor balcony. The incident resulted in a 30-year-old lawyer broke both heels.The reality show "Dom-2" has been going on for almost eight years and proves that, how scandalous of the project, the more popular. Fights, loud arguments, drugs, dark past parties, weddings, divorces, birth of children - all of this only fueled interest in the audience, follow the lives of the participants as if it is happening to them.But everything has its limits. Participant of "House-2" Inna Volovicheva described in his blog, unpleasant, to put it mildly, the situation: "in our project terrible happened. Lawyer Ilya Sidorov jumped from the second floor and broke both legs".Next she brings the details of the incident. "The day he abandoned me: tete-a-tete informed me that from now on, I'm a free woman. (Incidentally, the day before he moved into the boys ' bedroom). I rejoiced in the freedom. And at night the lawyer suddenly jumped up from the table in the common dining room of a new home, a bullet went up to the second floor and jumped off the balcony right in your kitchen. Broke both heels," - says Inna.Contestant added that the man was taken to hospital, where he lies to this day. He now Shine from four months to six months for rehabilitation, and is a complex surgery to repair fractured bones in the heels. "I go to the hospital because no one else from friends Ilya in Moscow. To the question "Why did you do it?" Sidorov says that all got him, so he jumped"," - said Inna Volovicheva.She added that for Sidorova this is not the first jump. It turns out that Ilya jumped from the third floor and this jump was much better anyway, he did not break.Risky move 30-year-old lawyer Ilya Sidorov will definitely go on the air the reality show that promises the program a resounding rating, reports the website of the project "Dom-2". Source: Participant of "House-2" jumped off the balcony of the 2nd floor.

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