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Sasha Savelieva came under watering machine

Sasha Savelieva came under watering machine"Fabricante" Alexander Savelyev on your Peugeot 307 CC convertible came under watering machine. The incident occurred during rush hour on the Leningrad highway near the metro station "Voykovskaya".According to Savelieva, watering machine "at full speed around the bend immediately moved into the left lane and not in the extreme as was necessary according to the rules. But to brake in time I did not - was too slippery road. Itself Savelyev was not injured, but her convertible on the contrary: the right wing, bumper, front wheel drive and Faro will have to change. In the same accident "participated" two more cars - Renault and BMW.How then complained Savelyev to the media, she was upset not so much the accident itself, and not damage to the machine, and "wasted time" - she had several hours to wait for the traffic police, who came, gave papers that must be filled, and went to another wreck." And we somehow think that the important thing is nobody was hurt. Source: Sasha Savelieva came under watering machine.

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