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Boxer received 5 years in prison for beating the bat

Boxer received 5 years in prison for beating the batAmerican boxer Matt Remillard received a five-year sentence for brutal beating of a man with a baseball bat. January 5, 2010 Remillard caused severe injuries to Jordan Evans, who received a fracture of the skull, eye socket and left hands.Boxer beat Evans for a woman Daniela Napolitano, writes the edition of the Hartford Courant.The beating occurred in the town of Hartford in the house Napolitano, who last met with Remillard, and Evans. First boxer "in an aggressive manner" forced Evans to leave, but after some time the latter received a TEXT message from Napolitano, who apologized and asked Evans to return, assuring that is home alone.At trial, Evans said that when he returned and entered the house, then received a strong blow from the bat Remillard. Boxer continued to beat Evans, who managed to get out of the house and get in the car. After that, Remillard about 50 times hit by a bat in the car.Together with Remillard in beating Evans participated Adam Napolitano and Richard Napolitano - brother and cousin Daniela. According to the victim, his ex-girlfriend happily watched as he was beaten.In the end, Evans managed to drive to a neighboring house and ask for help. The victim underwent several operations. On head and face he had over 150 stitches, and to connect the bones of the skull, the doctors used eight plates and 30 screws. One plate and eight were needed to reinforce bones and hands.Evans is still experiencing pain and difficulty with vision. The victim called the five-year sentence Remillard gift. Napolitano escaped punishment, as agreed to cooperate with the investigation.25-year-old Remillard started his professional career in 2005 and acted in category to 57.2 pounds. According to the website he spent 24 fights, scored 23 wins (13 by knockout) and one match lost. The only defeat (TKO) Remillard suffered in his last fight - March 26, 2011 from American Miguel angel Garcia. Source: boxer received 5 years in prison for beating the bat.

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