Nadezhda Kadysheva told about his tragic fate

Nadezhda Kadysheva told about his tragic fateFamous actress Nadezhda Kadysheva openly talked about his tragic fate. The share of the singer dropped several terrible blows: she lost her mother, sister and nephew."My mom died so young. The doctors said she was killed by a heart attack. But I know - blame depression, burning in her heart for many years. And nobody could understand why," the grieving soloist of the "Golden ring".Following this grief on Kadysheva struck other: her nephew died very young. "He was so tiny, so cute. But God he was meted out to live only a year old. He died of congenital heart disease", - weepingly told Hope.Not having lived through the death of his son, the sister of the singer jumped out the window. "Lyubasha during childbirth, the doctors brought the infection. The infection started, and when her baby died, she was grief thrown from the third floor. Broke his spine and was bedridden for ten years. Until he died," recalls the actress.After all the experiences Hope nearly crippled the new test. When Kadysheva was just 30 years old, doctors discovered she had a tumor of the breast. "Two years I lived with the idea that he will die soon. Knew the end was near, and already mentally said goodbye to loved ones. And during the surgery revealed that the cancer... no. If not for the husband who would not leave me alone with the trouble I'd gone mad," admitted the magazine "Secrets of the Stars" singer.In the 49 years old actress has overtaken heart disease - acute tachycardia, which can lead to heart attack. "My heart was beating as if about to burst," said Hope. Or froze, barely audible. Thank God the doctors were able then to "appease" heart rhythm".During those difficult times Kadysheva seriously afraid of a curse, which her kind women don't live long. "I was waiting for his fortieth - sadly told Hope. - What if I fail to cross this threshold? Fear burned me a whole without a remainder. But as he went fifth decade, became mentally easier." Source: Nadezhda Kadysheva told about his tragic fate.

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