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Did the investigation into the death of boxer Arturo Gatti

Did the investigation into the death of boxer Arturo GattiPrivate detectives completed the investigation of the death of former world Boxing champion canadian Arturo Gatti. He was found dead on July 11, 2009 in a hotel room in the Brazilian resort town of Porto de Galinhas.The results of the investigation detectives will speak at a press conference on 9 August, reported the online edition after the death of Gatti in his murder accused his Brazilian wife, Amanda Rodrigues. She spent in pre-trial detention for about three weeks, but to confess his guilt, refused. In late July, the Brazilian investigators concluded that Gatti had committed suicide (hanged himself), after which Rodriguez was released.Later, an autopsy confirmed that Gatti had committed suicide. However, the Manager of the boxer Pat Lynch was assigned the investigation private investigators Sex, Ciolino and Joseph Moura.Detectives will tell about the results of the investigation at a press conference that will be held in the U.S. city of Bergen (new Jersey). Together with them at a press conference made by several expert physicians and scientists.Arturo Gatti died at age 37. He was a world champion in the category up to 59 to 63.5 kilograms. In professional Boxing, he spent 49 fights, won 40 wins (31 of them by knockout) and suffered nine defeats. Source: did the investigation into the death of boxer Arturo Gatti.



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Principal roles for TV and studio features almost exclusively go through Breakdown Services, which are not accessible to actors OR these other casting sites. Daily Actor Readers if you know of casting websites from other cities that are reputable, post the links as a comment so that other actors can benefit from your experience.

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