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Mistress demands from Ashton Kutcher $250 thousand

Mistress demands from Ashton Kutcher $250 thousandIn the leaked provocative photos of Ashton Kutcher with a young blonde. The couple was seen exiting the hotel "Roosevelt" three months before the hype about the alleged infidelity of the actor to his wife demi Moore.The photos show how the actor and the faithful, as previously assumed, spouse Ashton Kutcher sits behind the wheel of a car, and in the back seat of his car located the tall, slender young blonde named Sara Leal, reports the Daily Mail. Wife demi Moore, whose presence could justify Ashton, the car was not.And now Ashton Kutcher for the first time commented on the reaction of the world media, which raised the hype around the star couple and their possible divorce, writing on Twitter: "When you assume something you know nothing - you are doing yourself and me by donkeys". And on the eve of Ashton in the same Twitter posted the song "don't believe the lies.".



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