J. Lo is going through a divorce in the arms of another man

J. Lo is going through a divorce in the arms of another manIn the last clip of the singer's "I'm Into You"," she's so honest "lit" with a 30-year serial actor William levy that raises a suspicion that they are not just colleagues.Many thought that J. Lo and "Cuban brad pitt" whirlwind romance: so much passion and fire in their joint scenes from the video. Besides, a month after filming Levi broke up with his wife, where they lived for eight years, and then was followed by the stunning news about the imminent divorce of Jennifer and Marc Anthony.Here's how eloquently William described the work with the beautiful Lopez:"It was wonderful. I was very comfortable. She is very sincere and cheerful person. Читать полностью -->

The police got a suspect in the death of Amy Winehouse

The police got a suspect in the death of Amy Winehouse The UK police got a suspect is a close friend of Amy Winehouse, whose name was not disclosed.According to the newspaper "arguments of the week", according to Scotland Yard, he gave the star a lethal dose of crack cocaine during a joint drug use. In this case the police did not specify whether he consciously did it or not.Meanwhile, according to tabloid the People with reference to the source environment of the deceased star, Winehouse was spotted in the company of the dealer on Friday at about 22.20. According to witnesses, the star bought a whole cocktail of drugs - cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and ketamine, according to BFM.- I think Amy wanted to sing their hearts out on Friday, " said the source, whose name was not disclosed in the interests of the investigation. She was in Camden on a Friday night, and after they were going to throw a party in his apartment. But none of us know exactly who was with her when she died.In turn, Amy's friends say that the star died from "bad" ecstasy pills mixed with alcohol, says LifeNews. It is known that Winehouse suffered from emphysema - diseases of the respiratory tract.We will add that Scotland Yard initially described her death as "unexplained", but the official version remains a drug overdose.Recall that Amy Winehouse was found dead yesterday around 16:00 British summer time (19:00 GMT) in her apartment in the house on the square Camden square in North London. Читать полностью -->

Album Amy Winehouse became the leader of downloads on iTunes

Album Amy Winehouse became the leader of downloads on iTunesReleased on Monday in light of the posthumous album of British singer Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures was ranked first by number of downloads on iTunes, while her old album Back To Black has conceded the palm of sales the album "21" the young singer Adele in the official charts, reports RIA "Novosti".British media reported that in just a few hours after its official release posthumous album, Winehouse became the leader by the number of downloads for the music service iTunes."Perhaps the audience was still going through emotional distress and feels compelled to buy this album to pay tribute to Amy", - commented on the hype surrounding the new album, the representative of the HMV music network Gennaro Castaldo.The CD is called Lioness: Hidden Treasures ("Lioness: hidden treasures") and contains 12 tracks, including two completely new songs - Halftime and The Girl From Ipanema, samples, and demos, as well as jazz music for Body And Soul, which Winehouse shortly before his death, recorded in duet with famous jazz musician Tony Bennett.The collection of material for the album has been made by producers Salaam Remi and mark Ronson, who has listened to thousands of hours of recordings of the late singer.The proceeds from the sale of the CD will go to the charitable center, whose establishment was announced after the death of the singer. The centre will help young people to overcome addiction and to recover after treatment for drug addiction.Amy Winehouse died in her London home on July 23 of this year at age 27. Autopsies revealed in her body fivefold excess of alcohol, and the coroner has classified the death as "accident.". . . . Читать полностью -->

The fan group `-` killed girlfriend

The fan group `-` killed girlfriendThe killer of the leader of the fan club "On-On" Margarita Gilyova was a friend of the victim. The girl make a confession and told in detail about the motivations and circumstances of the crime.In law enforcement bodies of the capital came a girl named Victoria, who told of the brutal murder of his girlfriend. "The girl has told about motives of a crime that was committed in late June, - told Life News in law enforcement. She told about the circumstances of the murder, described in detail how they dealt with the girlfriend, and listed everything that was stolen from a house Margarita Gilyova". After that the investigators have no doubt that she committed the murder.As have informed in law enforcement bodies, the main version of the crime is jealousy. Now solves a question on arrest of the girl and the charges against her, said RIA Novosti.As written, the Days.Roux, Margaret Gileva, who led the fan club pop group "On-On", was found dead in his rented apartment at the Volgograd prospectus. Читать полностью -->

The Hilary Duff took the role due to pregnancy

The Hilary Duff took the role due to pregnancyThe other day the 23-year-old actress happily reported that pregnant. Alas, this joy was suddenly added solid fly in the ointment - Hilary took an already approved roles in the movie "the Story of Bonnie and Clyde.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Hugh Laurie has demonstrated its `shaggy`

Hugh Laurie has demonstrated its `shaggy` More recently, a 52-year-old "house" sparkling bald head, and recently showed astounding and some new "shaggy".Like many colleagues of the same age, with age, Hugh Laurie has escaped hair loss.But at the ceremony Emmy awards, the actor surprised everyone absolutely uniform hairline. When he went on stage to congratulate Kate Winslet with a reward on his head was much more hair than before.Paparazzi and journalists gossip columns were of the opinion that his new hair Laurie obliged conventional hair transplant.Like it or not - in fact, not so important. The popularity of the actor the amount of hair on his head is not affected. We will remind, recently Hugh Laurie even made the Guinness Book of records as the most popular actor on television. Source: Hugh Laurie has demonstrated its "shaggy" . . Читать полностью -->

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