Kate Beckinsale was photographed for GQ magazine

Kate Beckinsale was photographed for GQ magazine Kate Beckinsale in a photo shoot with Carter Smith for GQ magazine (2004).Source: Kate Beckinsale photographed for GQ magazine . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Olga Slutsker brought out new elect

Olga Slutsker brought out new electAthlete, businesswoman and beauty Olga Slutsker decided on a few days to join a stellar coterie of the festival "New wave" - at a party in Jurmala, she appeared in the company of Chairman of OAO "Gazprom Neft" 43-year-old Alexander Dyukov.New choice 46-year-old owner of a chain of fitness centers and one of the wealthiest women of our country, like Olga, besides business, indifferent to the world of sports. Dyukov concurrently holds the post of Director of football club "Zenit". So Olga and Alexander can be called a pair.RomanceLove is not in vain decided to change noisy and hot Moscow for a quiet leisurely Jurmala. Walks along the sea coast, Baltic light breeze and the sunset was distracted by a couple from everyday life, plunging into the world of romantic experiences.- They dined several times and we really had a nice conversation, - has shared with "Z" the Manager of one of the restaurants on the beach. - Cavalier very gallantly took care of their companion, in General, behaved like a real gentleman.However, Olga and Alexander in Jurmala enjoyed not only each other's company - a couple of hard partying at one of the afterparties. But, even with friends, the Dukes tried for a second not to release the hand from his companion's hands.After several days of Jurmala holidays Olga and Alexander returned to the capital. Читать полностью -->

Unknown facts about the private life of Grigory Leps

Unknown facts about the private life of Grigory LepsPopular singer Grigory Leps has long been found happiness with his second wife - together with Anna they had three children: Eva, Nicole and Vano. Never the singer did not leave without attention and his eldest daughter - Inga Lepsveridze.But that's who her mother is the first love of the famous artist? Where is she now and how did her life after divorce with one of the highest paid singers of Russia? Correspondents "Your DAY" was able to lift the veil of secrecy first marriage famous Leps.About his first family Union with a classmate at the Sochi musical College Grigory Leps always tells sparingly. He recalls: "We were very young, in no way wanted each other to yield. Here and fled". In these words is the truth, but not all.Gregory, then Lepsveridze, and Svetlana Dubinsky studied together at the music school in Sochi. Boy - on percussion, and the girl on the vocal.- Grisha I remember very young, " says the teacher of solfeggio and theory of harmony Oleh Lukancic. Читать полностью -->

Irina Shayk stripped for Elle magazine

Irina Shayk stripped for Elle magazine Girlfriend Ronaldo Russian beauty Irina Shayk is always a pleasure demonstrates her body in the clothes, a bathing suit or Nude.On the December cover of Elle supermodel will appear in rhinestones bright red color - 3.5 thousand Swarovski crystals adorned the body of the beloved footballer Ronaldo. Preparing for a photo shoot and the shooting lasted for 8 hours.Source: Irina Shayk stripped for Elle magazine . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Updated the group `VIA Gra`

Updated the group `VIA Gra`The candidacy of new members of the band "VIA Gra" in the secular parties had discussed over the past few days.Rumors circulated very different, but today a press-service of the team finally confirmed that Nadezhda Granovskaya really leaves the ranks of one of the most long-playing girls ' ensembles of contemporary music, as it will be replaced by 24-year-old Santa Dimopoulos."From the beginning of December I stopped touring with the band because they are expecting a second child, told the "Morning" Hope Granovskaya. - For me it is a sacrament, a very personal secret. And upset at the fact that my personal space reporters gossip columns want to get in any way. The time will come and I'll tell you.". . . Читать полностью -->

The paparazzi photographed demi Moore in Beverly hills

The paparazzi photographed demi Moore in Beverly hills The other day it became known that demi has decided not to divorce Ashton Kutcher. Returning to a quiet life, the actress maintains strength energy drink, and demonstrates on camera that the engagement ring still on her finger.But in a recent interview demi spoke true Kabbalists: "It was interesting to feel the pain, when you are focused the attention of the world press. We are just people who are looking to blame when they are hurt. But when we blame someone, we are only wasting their own strength. We could live comfortably in black or in white, but I'm sure the dominant color of our life is grey. We were all victims, they are now and will remain in this status until the end of life." Source: the Paparazzi photographed demi Moore in Beverly hills . Читать полностью -->

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