In Moscow announced the winners of the Operalia

In Moscow announced the winners of the OperaliaIn Moscow announced the winners of the vocal competition Operalia, RIA Novosti reported. The final round and the award ceremony took place in the Musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko on the evening of 24 July.First prize of the competition and the prize in the amount of 30 thousand euros received American renГ© Barbera and singer from South Africa Preti Gjende. They were awarded the prize of spectator sympathies. Barber also received the award for the best performance of the Zarzuela (10 thousand euros), a similar award in women divided Gjende and Olga Busuioc from Moldova.The Russians in the contest received the second and third prizes. Second prize went to baritone Konstantin Shushakov, the young artists program of the Bolshoi theatre, the third prize was won by soprano Olga Pudova. Second prize in the category "female vocal" obtained Olga Busuioc, third prize in the category "male vocals" - Jaesik Lee from South Korea.Also at the ceremony were presented with Culturarte prize - it went to the baritone from Chile Javier Arrey and award Birgit Nilsson, awarded for the best performance of Wagner and Strauss. Читать полностью -->

The mayor of Kiev is diluted because mistress

The mayor of Kiev is diluted because mistressSpouse flamboyant Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky has filed for divorce from his mistress. 40-year-old Elena Savchuk expects child policy, writes the Ukrainian press.40-year-old Elena was introduced to the mayor of Kiev, her mother, the senior pastor of the Holy of Holies, former pastor of Embassy of God Sofia jukotanskaja reports "Корреспондент.net". It turned out they already know "about the delicate relationship between Leonid Chernovetsky and Elena Savchuk". The girl was a frequent guest of the parish."She is a modest person, and she always dressed flashy, and do not forward leaning. She was always in the shadow of his mother, though very like her..." - said one of the parishioners of the Church. According to her, Sofia had long been familiar with Chernovetsky, and when he became mayor, asked him to arrange a daughter in the city administration. Читать полностью -->

Top 15 sexiest women of 2011

Top 15 sexiest women of 2011 Top 15 most extravagant, seductive, hot and sexy beauties of the planet by a popular edition of Esquire.Source: Top 15 sexiest women of 2011 . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The winner of the " Russian Booker of the decade`

The winner of the In the shortlist for the literary prize "Russian Booker of the decade" took place five novels that were chosen from 60 books, falling in the finals during 2001-2010.It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the statement by the organizers of the awards made during the press conference, "Booker".Got in the final novel novel "the nine days of Karaganda, or the Story of the last days" Oleg Pavlov, who received the award in 2002, "Sanka" Zakhar Prilepin, finalist "Booker" in 2006, and the piece "Eltahawy" the Novel Senchina, finalist 2009. In addition, the short list was a novel by Ludmila Ulitskaya's Daniel Stein, interpreter", the last in the final in 2007, and also the novel "Lies the haze on old steps..." writer Alexander Chudakov, finalist 2001.The winner of the award will be announced on 1 December; the winner will receive 600 thousand rubles.The award "Russian Booker", established in 1991, was first awarded in 1992. Since then, the "Booker" was awarded annually, but this year because of the change of sponsor, which occurred after the beginning of the award cycle, it was decided to present the "Russian Booker of the decade", so as not to miss a year.In the current jury included representatives of the jury in different years. Earlier it was reported that the finalists will be awarded points, and in that case, if multiple works are the same ratings, the award may not receive a single author. Source: Announced the finalists of the "Russian Booker of the decade"". . Читать полностью -->

Kate Hudson dyed her brunette

Kate Hudson dyed her brunette Golden-haired actress has radically changed the image. And now its just never know!Like many of his colleagues, to change Kate made... work. Picture of "Resistant fundamentalist" (The Reluctant Fundamentalist), which plays Hudson, will be released only in 2013.This is a film about a guy-serving wall street, start a new life after the tragedy of September 11.Shooting took place in new York, and the first images from the site have already appeared in the Network. So fans can appreciate the new image of a young mother Kate!Youngest son of the actress, Bing, nearby to be seen. By the way, "Resistant fundamentalist" - the first major work of the actress after the baby is born in July of this year. Читать полностью -->

Singer Kamaliya Baskov gave the yacht a price of $2 million

Singer Kamaliya Baskov gave the yacht a price of $2 millionTo its upcoming 35th anniversary and future wedding Nikolay Baskov received a gorgeous gift. Singer Kamaliya and her husband is a billionaire gave the "Golden voice of Russia" the snow-white yacht cost nearly two million dollars.As admitted "Express Gazeta" singer Kamaliya and her husband Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahur, for Baskov they did not mind. It all started with the fact that the couple invited Baskov in guests on his yacht - eat barbecue and tasting of Crimean wines.After Kolya went on Board, honored guest were invited to taste the dishes prepared personal chef Mohammad. However, the singer was quick to refuse. "I'm on a diet! That watermelon can, plums... the meat, the fish - you what?! Not! My diet for the anniversary. Читать полностью -->

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