Ronnie wood paid for a date with Johansson $20 thousand

Ronnie wood paid for a date with Johansson $20 thousandScarlett Johansson will soon go on a double date. Moreover, one of two men who invited her, was a 64-year-old Ronnie wood.Guitarist of the legendary band the Rolling Stones Ronnie wood paid for this date of 20 thousand dollars at a charity auction, the organization for the fight against breast cancer Breakthrough Breast Cancer, which was held a few days ago in London, according to the portal adore to hold any fundraisers are not only at home but also abroad. And participate in them as a rule, all color foreign show business. For example, a married couple demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher had last year a charity auction in Moscow, the top lot was the dance with her husband Hollywood Actresses. Then the win in a hard fight defeated Olga Rodionova, who paid for a dance with Ashton Kutcher 31 thousand dollars.Hollywood blonde was cheaper. Although the fight for a date with a 26-year-old Scarlett Johansson turned serious. Читать полностью -->

Chekhov Moscow art theater presented `Snow white`

Chekhov Moscow art theater presented `Snow white`In the Moscow art theatre.And.P.Chekhov saw the premiere of "Snow white and the seven dwarfs". To put a musical tale decided artistic Director Oleg Tabakov. The cast includes alumni and students of the school-Studio of MKHAT.Glue, sew and perfected the costumes till the last the third bell. All for the sake of them - the most difficult and the most appreciative audiences. If you get bored, the kids will say it openly and loudly - for the whole room. However, if you like, also emotions will not hide. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer garner expecting third child

Jennifer garner expecting third childIn a famous Hollywood family - Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner - expected completion. As the representatives of the actors, "star" couple awaits the birth of her third child, reports ITAR-TASS.In a brief statement released on Monday, it was said that celebrities are excited about the upcoming birth of a baby. In a family of actors already have children: five-year violet and two-year Seraphine Elizabeth rose.Affleck and garner, who is now 39 years old, got married in 2005. They met on the set of the movie "pearl Harbor" in 2001, and in 2003 starred together in the film "Daredevil".Affleck is well known to audiences for the films "Good will hunting", which brought him together with his friend Matt Damon an Oscar for best screenplay, "Shakespeare in Love", "Armageddon", "Dogma", "black hole", "Reckoning". Garner starred in such films as "ELEKTRA" and "Catch me if you can". In 2012 the car will be released a new film with her participation - "the Odd life of Timothy green". Читать полностью -->

Pregnant Glucose for `5 minutes` before giving birth

Pregnant Glucose for `5 minutes` before giving birth According to the singer, she feels fine. And if someone gave her a guarantee that the third pregnancy will flow as easily as the present, it is without hesitation would immediately and gave birth to a third child.Now Natasha Chistyakova-Ionova nine months. In the middle of may, the artist, together with her daughter Lydia, grandmother, 11-year-old son of her husband Alex and two nurses flew to Spain. As four years ago, to give birth to her second child, the singer will be in Marbella.Despite considerable period, the energy of the singer can only envy - she continues to work on the album, a record which began in Moscow."The doctor watching me during pregnancy, long insists that it's time to quit work and focus on what's important - expecting your baby. But I can't just sit on the couch. Vibrant life, and I want to redo a hundred cases a day. Читать полностью -->

In Pushkin will show illustrations Chemiakin to Vysotsky

In Pushkin will show illustrations Chemiakin to VysotskyIn the Pushkin state Museum on November 9 exhibition of graphic works by Mihail Chemiakin, illustrating poems and songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. The exhibition runs until 11 December.In Pushkin exhibited 42 illustrations (so many years have lived Vysotsky), 12 sketches, manuscripts, letters, and photos of Vysotsky and Shemyakin, who were friends.The exposition is called "Two fates", its holding is confined to the output Chemiakin books of the same name. The publication, which will be released in "Vita Nova", the lyrics of Vysotsky will be printed together with illustrations of the artist.As noted in the press release of the Pushkin Museum, exhibition Shemyakin is the result of his thirty years ' work, which he started after his friend's death. On the Museum's website quoted Shemyakin, who called the current exhibit "a kind of graphic monument to Vladimir Vysotsky and his work".The official opening was held on November 8, attended by the artist himself, and also the Director of the Pushkin Museum Irina Antonova and Director General of the publishing house "Vita Nova" Alexei Zakharenkov.Shemyakin was born in 1943 in Moscow. After the war the family of the future artist was living in Germany; in 1957 they returned to the USSR in Leningrad. Shemyakin studied at the art school at the Academy of fine arts, but was later excluded from it. Читать полностью -->

State academic Symphony orchestra of a name of Svetlanova received by the interim artistic Director

State academic Symphony orchestra of a name of Svetlanova received by the interim artistic DirectorOn the illness of Mark Gorenstein acting artistic Director of the State academic symphonic orchestra of a name of Svetlanova appointed second conductor Alexander Slutsky. This was reported by "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".It is emphasized that the withdrawal or removal of Gorenstein from the position of artistic Director of the orchestra. The nature of the disease abundance, due to which he cannot perform his duties, not specified.At the end of August 2011 musicians sasr behalf of France wrote a letter to the Minister of culture Alexander Avdeev with the request to dismiss Gorenstein, which according to them has created in the orchestra unbearable work conditions. Chief conductor was accused of rudeness, tyranny and imposition of fines. In June 2011 Gorenstein also was responsible for a scandal on a national basis, insulting Armenian cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan during the Tchaikovsky competition.In turn Gorenstein said that the Ministry of culture bribed the musicians of the orchestra, leading them to write letters Avdeev. "There are people who definitely need to fire me. Читать полностью -->

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