Rotaru pursues a crazed fan

Rotaru pursues a crazed fanThe life of Sofia Rotaru in danger. She was being chased by a crazy fan.This whole story began three years ago when Sophia Rotaru appeared devoted fan. Of course, the 64-year-old singer all loyal fans, but this proved to be the true and just enjoyed credibility of the administration of the singer, transfer "Secrets of the stars". But, as they say, from love to hatred one step.Sofia Mikhailovna thought a fan it is very persuasive and asked to keep her to himself. It is here that the rejected woman and began to send Rotaru messages with threats. And the threat was addressed not only the singer, but also her family. Читать полностью -->

Basque Kirkorov sawed banknotes

Basque Kirkorov sawed banknotesTwo sworn friends, battling each other for the title of pop-the leader of the Russian show business, Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov was caught in one of the most enjoyable activities - distribution of profits.Failing to divide the banknote, the artists decided to cut it. A shot where the singers vengeance wielded a saw, put Philip in his "Twitter". "So my best friend Nicholas spend time... during the filming. Combining business with pleasure," he bragged Kirkorov.Apparently, so Nicholas and Philip once again decided to emphasize that between them now there is no feud and rivalry, and all conflicts in the past. Now best friends share everything - the stage, the audience, shooting and even money.By the way, the war Nicholas and Philip, which they successfully survived, erupted in the summer of 2010 because of financial issue. Читать полностью -->

Hollywood stars and their prototypes

Hollywood stars and their prototypes Amazing selection of photos of real people and the actors who played these people in their respective films.Source: Hollywood Stars and their prototypes . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Kate Hudson gave birth to a son

Kate Hudson gave birth to a sonThese days not only the couple of Beckham is celebrating an addition to the family. Kate Hudson and leader of the band Muse Matt Bellamy was born a son - the news the representative of the actress told the magazine Us Weekly on Sunday.The name of the baby is not yet known, we only know that he was born on Saturday in one of the Los Angeles clinics.32-year-old star became a mother for the second time, from his first marriage to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, whom she divorced in 2007, she grows up a 7-year-old son Ryder.Lead singer of Muse Hudson Dating since last year. Kate and Matt met a few years ago in Australia. Source: Kate Hudson gave birth to a son. . . Читать полностью -->

The richest teenagers in the world

The richest teenagers in the worldPeople magazine named the highest paid teenagers in the world. According to estimates edition, last year a musical Prodigy Justin Bieber has managed to earn $ 53 million and topped the rating of the richest teenagers.Interestingly, the artist gets the profit, not only through constant touring and two small halls quickly plates. Justin became a successful businessman in the production of perfumes, nail Polish and even ice cream. Big money young singer brought and documentary motion picture "never say Never", which became the highest grossing concert film in history.In second place in the list was singer and actress, idol of American youth Miley Cyrus. In addition to performances on stage and filming a movie and television series actress releases under his own name dozens of products, thereby earning $ 48 million.Bronze went to muscular handsome from the Saga about vampires "Twilight" Taylor the Lautner, who received last year 16 million. Hero girlish dreams literally breathing down my back one of the brothers Nick Jonas from 12.5 million. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer aniston had a grief

Jennifer aniston had a griefLast weekend, a 75-year-old mother of the actress suffered a stroke. And Jen, forgetting old grudges, rushed to the hospital to visit her.So far no official information from the press service of aniston didn't arrive, so journalists have to be content with the reports of anonymous sources from the hospital. According to them, Nancy Dow has suffered a massive stroke and is now in serious condition.The doctors are very worried about the state of his aging mother Jennifer. Now the woman is in the intensive care unit where she was connected to life support.During his visit to the hospital the actress was accompanied by her boyfriend Justin Theroux, but the source said that he was waiting for aniston outside.Recall that for many years Jennifer tried to avoid the topic of parental, or rather maternal, home so skillfully that many have suspected something was wrong. Nancy from childhood told her daughter that she is ugly, fat and clumsy."Your eyes are too small and close together, the face is too big, and terrible father's mouth! You're a fat mouse with eyes in the bunch, that's all that I have ever heard! - admitted the actress in a candid interview. She taught me how to apply a thicker layer of makeup, saying that otherwise I should be ashamed to go outside".The first time the actress seriously quarreled with his mother in 1996, when Nancy was invited to the popular TV show, and she's all over the country have allowed themselves sarcastic remarks about the hair daughter's. Читать полностью -->

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