Rihanna appeared without makeup

Rihanna appeared without makeup To catch a star without makeup is usually a great success for any paparazzi, but not all star ill star disease, and some quite a force to voluntarily appear in public in a bad way.So, Rihanna went to the call of the fans, appearing on the balcony of his hotel room in Brazil sleepy and unkempt. It is clear that only awakened the stars had no desire to wear makeup or dress up, and on the balcony she appeared yawning, in simple pajamas.On the other hand, in 23 years girls are beautiful at any time of the day, so Rihanna could afford such a gesture. By the way, the fans and the paparazzi were richly rewarded, when the star turned around and showed appetizing rear view. Source: Rihanna appeared without makeup . . . Читать полностью -->

Festival of progressive rock INPROG-2011

Festival of progressive rock INPROG-2011Festival of progressive rock "INPROG" is a music magazine "InRock" since 2001. Its main purpose has always been the support of the Russian progressive scene, her best achievements in comparison with foreign leaders of the genre. In the landmark date - 11.11.11 - the festival will be exactly 10 years. This anniversary event is resolvedto celebrate the three-day festival INPROG-2011, which will be held with the support of the Foundation Alexey Kozlov "ArtBeat" (www.artbeat.ru), known for a number of successful campaigns, including the festival "FuzzionDay-2011" in Moscow with the participation of Oz Noy Trio -- top stars today's fusion.Headlining all three concerts -2011 will be English supergroup The Tangent (http://www.thetangent.org/). In Russia it has not yet acted, but well known to our fans of art-rock. On account of The Tangent five Studio albums on the label InsideOut, sixth ("COMM") was released in late September, things with him will be heard at the festival.Mandatory participant in all of the concerts will also Kostarev Group - project Patriarch of our progressive rock Alexander Kostareva, which in autumn is also the anniversary of 35 years of creative activity. Читать полностью -->

Major-the bribe taker decided to take Borodin in Saint-Tropez

Major-the bribe taker decided to take Borodin in Saint-Tropez Well-known media personality Ksenia Borodina has accepted the invitation of the beloved of "House-2", which gave her a trip to Saint-Tropez.The emergence of the major project from Lyubertsy MIA Michael Terekhina began with a scandal, and over, apparently, a romantic journey.- His past, connected with bribery, many of us do not like it, " said the inhabitants of the perimeter. - However, Misha was able to quickly build relationships. With the male vote he flew, and love had time to build.Love31-year-old major, is a disgrace and from work because of a bribery scandal, very fast took on a new task. Michael decided not to waste their time with the residents of the project and charmed a leading reality show Xenia Borodin. The new novel is developing rapidly, however, the media personality is not yet ready to move it out of the "House-2".- I don't want Misha left the project, said "Your DAY" 28-year-old TV presenter. - On the show he is under the supervision of, any a step 24 hours a day recording camera.The resortTo seal the Union with a newly divorced beauty, Michael has prepared a surprise for her. Читать полностью -->

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher divorce

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher divorceIn a statement the media message 49-year-old Moore acknowledged that the decision to divorce from 33-year-old Kutcher has accepted "with great sadness and a heavy heart".The famous Hollywood couple actors demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher after 6 years of marriage intend to divorce, informs RIA "news" referring to AP.49-year-old star of films "Ghost", "Soldier Jane" and "Indecent proposal" in a statement acknowledged that the decision to divorce from 33-year-old Ashton took with deep sorrow and a heavy heart."As a woman, mother and wife, I find certain values in life are sacred. Realizing this, I made the choice to move on," explained Hollywood star. She asked the public and media to show compassion and not to violate the right of members of her family in privacy.33-year-old Kutcher wrote on his page in Twitter, what will always recall with fondness the time I spent with demi. "Marriage is one of the most difficult things in life, and unfortunately, sometimes marriages fail", he added.Both actor chose not to disclose the reasons for the termination of their marriage. According to press reports, the reason was infidelity Kutcher.The couple started Dating in 2003 and married two years later. Ashton became the stepfather of three daughters Moore, who were born in the marriage with the action heroes Bruce Willis. Читать полностью -->

Media predict the imminent divorce Kutcher and demi Moore

Media predict the imminent divorce Kutcher and demi MooreWestern media predict the imminent divorce of Hollywood stars, actors demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Rumours about infidelity Kutcher was exacerbated by the fact that the couple spent apart sixth wedding anniversary.Journalists followed the message of the stars on the social network Twitter. On the eve of the anniversary of the wedding couple Moore posted on his account quote the Greek philosopher Epictetus: "When someone is offended, look into yourself and see your mistakes. Then you will forget your anger.". . . Читать полностью -->

The stars in the image `of the classic screen villains`

The stars in the image `of the classic screen villains` Thirteen of Hollywood actors and Actresses starred for portfolio "classic screen villains" from the New York Times."The destroyer's nest" MIA wasikowska:"I really like Bob from "twin peaks". It shows that evil and like as not at the same time it is everywhere. And John from "the Shining" is his "progressive" insanity is fascinating!". . . . Читать полностью -->

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