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Maria Kozhevnikova became the sexiest woman of the country

Maria Kozhevnikova became the sexiest woman of the countryMen's magazine MAXIM released another list of 100 sexiest women of the country. The winner of the top was Maria Kozhevnikova.Bright blonde who became famous due to the role of frivolous Alla in the TV series "Univer" and whose crown word was "fuck", topped the list for the fifth annual all-Russian voting "100 sexiest women of the country." Maria debuted in the ranking of the journal in 2009 right in the second place, in 2010, again entered the top ten and ranked sixth, according to the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Although Mary left the series, she left the secular life, regularly attending various events. Meanwhile Kozhevnikova interested in not only social life but also politics. She is a member of the political Council of "Young guard of United Russia", and recently, the actress decided to stand in deputies of the state Duma and participated in the primaries of United Russia.In second place was another, no less famous blonde singer and TV presenter Vera Brezhneva. She lost the first position by a very slim margin, but in 2007 it was at the top of this ranking. Third place was taken by TV presenter and socialite Victoria Bonia. Читать полностью -->

British artist issued SMS-a memoir

British artist issued SMS-a memoirBritish artist Tracey Moberly has published an autobiography, consisting of three thousand SMS-messages received since 1999, says Wales Online.In the book, called "Text-me-up!" can be found as a simple post of everyday nature, and particularly dear to the artist's personal electronic "notes" from friends and acquaintances.According to Moberly, she decided to collect SMS 12 years ago soon after breaking up with her husband. She admitted that in one of those days when it's hard going through a divorce, her cell phone received a warm and touching post. "It was in the days when people wrote SMS not as often as now," she said.Moberly has kept the message and have since collected all sent her SMS. To store them, she was copying the messages by hand in notebooks and then transferred them to the computer, and then formed a full-fledged book.Memoirs Tracey Moberly has released the publisher of Beautiful Books. You can buy the book for ВЈ 20. To order it here. Читать полностью -->

Amanda Seyfried plays porn star of `Deep throat`

Amanda Seyfried plays porn star of `Deep throat`Oscar-winning Directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman invited Amanda Seyfried for the lead role in the biographical film "Linda Lovelace" (named after the actress who played the iconic porn film "Deep throat").On the role of husband and tormentor of the main character, Chuck Traynor, invited Peter Skarsgaard.Will it be possible to make a film and with this Duo, is unclear. Amanda has not given a definitive answer. Previous versions failed, one after another. The latest contender for the role of Lovelace Olivia Wilde, but agreement could not be reached. Prior to this role were invited Kate Hudson, but she got pregnant before shooting began. The main male role was to play James Franco, but he withdrew from the race.Critics used to joke that Epstein and Friedman fail, because it started to remove the "Jewish version" of the film, inviting the starring actors with Jewish blood, marks NEWSru Israel.Amanda Seyfried, incidentally, is not Jewish, repeatedly posed Nude and even flaunt it, whatever suits Directors "Linda Lovelace". Читать полностью -->


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