The Sun `fed` Murdoch palladium

The Sun `fed` Murdoch palladiumOn the website of the British newspaper the Sun has published an article about the death of media magnate Rupert Murdoch. False message posted by the hackers, who said that Murdoch overeaten palladium.Meanwhile, the tycoon in connection with the recent scandal to testify to a British parliamentary Committee.Last night a hacker group LulzSec has posted on the website of the British newspaper the Sun material about the death of media magnate Rupert Murdoch, who owns the publication. Currently access to the website of the tabloid was not possible because of the influx of users. However, the Daily Telegraph leads a screenshot of the hacked page that hosts pseudoroot. "Found the body of a media Mogul" - says the message header."Elderly Murdock stated that he used inside too much palladium, then last night, wandered into his famous figured mow the garden, where he died at the dawn," reads the hacker article.Cyber bullies also shared his joy on Twitter, where he reported the burglary of a Murdoch publication. It is on the news redirect visitors to The Sun.LulzSec - known hacker group, before performing attacks on the websites of the companies Sony and Nintendo, as well as governmental organizations, in particular the CIA. Читать полностью -->

Stewart laughed at the sexuality of Pattinson

Stewart laughed at the sexuality of Pattinson Kristen Stewart once again appeared in Glamour magazine and revealed her "twilight" co-workers and life in London. Photoset I would not like " everything's corny - but told Chris this.For example, laughed at Robert Pattinson and his title of sexiest man on the planet. "When Rob first so named, it was the biggest joke in the world. We are constantly on this rock, and he is with us".About the Taylor Lautner, Chris Hembra and Garrett Hedlund Chris says they are all great guys. "Lord, now you might think that I generalize about all attractive guys. But there is something in vain is to work with them every day. Читать полностью -->

The scandalous Duchess got married in 85 years

The scandalous Duchess got married in 85 yearsThe Duchess of Alba, the most titled woman in the world, got married for the third time. In 85 years.The Duchess of Alba, she is Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonso Victoria Eugenia Francis Fitz-James Stuart and de Silva, married for the third time. Chosen one 85-year-old woman became the official Alfonso dГ­ez, Carabantes who is younger than my better half for almost a quarter of a century, reports the website of the newspaper "Trud".The wedding ceremony was held in the chapel of XV century Palacio de Las DueГ±as and was very modest - a total of 40 guests, including four of the six children of the Duchess, which, incidentally, opposed the wedding. Children believed that Alfonso wants to marry solely because of financial motives, because the Duchess of Alba is considered one of the richest people in Spain. Her condition, according to some estimates, reaching $ 4.7 billion.However, now the Duchess has considerably extended: due to the required permits relatives to this marriage cheerful old lady handed out almost all his fortune, leaving a total of five million dollars, reports "Express newspaper". In addition to money the Duchess bequeathed to the children of the paintings of Goya, Velasquez, Rembrandt and other famous artists.Note that the groom at the insistence of the children of the Duchess signed a document pledging not to claim the status of the bride. Читать полностью -->

A rating of the sexiest princesses of the world

A rating of the sexiest princesses of the world The hottest girls from representative list of princesses of all monarchies in the world according to one of the largest portals for American men The crown Princess of Denmark Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark), 39 yearsA native of Tasmania Mary Elizabeth Donaldson met with the heir to the Danish throne, crown Prince Frederik in 2000, and 4 years later the couple married.Now the Princess raising four children and, judging by the polls, is one of the most loved persons in the Royal Danish court.9. The Princess of Thailand, Sirivannavari of Nariratana (Sirivannavari Nariratana, Princess of Thailand), 24 yearsIn 2009, Sirivannavari, is not only the Princess, but also one of the most successful businesswomen throughout Southeast Asia, entered the top 20 hottest young royals in the world according to Forbes.Real passion 24-year-old girl - fashion: the collection of the brand "Princess Sirivannavari" successfully sold not only in Bangkok but also in Paris, Milan and new York.8. Princess Eugenie of York Princess Eugenie of York), 21 yearsOne of the responsibilities of a Princess, with whom the girl is doing well, is well dressed and distinguished by refined taste and manners.From most mandatory high ceremonies Eugene released. However, since 2008 she voluntarily engaged in charitable organization to help cancer patients.7. Princess of Bhutan Sonam diqing wangchuck (Sonam Dechen Wangchuck, Princess of Bhutan), 29 yearsPrincess Sonam is the owner of the scientific degree in international relations from Stanford University and master of laws at Harvard law school.In line of succession girl, being a half sister of the present king of Bhutan Jigme Khesar namgyel Wangchuck, is the sixth.6. Читать полностью -->

`Ranetki` Natalia Melnichenko gave birth to a girl

`Ranetki` Natalia Melnichenko gave birth to a girlThe soloist of the girl band "Ranetki" Natalia Melnichenko gave birth to a girl. The father of the baby is the producer of the group Sergey Melnichenko.The girl was born in the middle of November, but happy parents tried not to publicize this joyous occasion. Sergey Melnichenko told that Natalia gave birth in a normal hospital, but on the childbirth was not present, though it is now incredibly fashionable. Baby was born a height of 51 inches and a weight of 3,270 pounds. Wife of Melnichenko called the girl with the unusual name of the Story."A diminutive fairy - Tale. It is an ancient Russian name. Читать полностью -->

Sigourney weaver will play a bloodsucker

Sigourney weaver will play a bloodsuckerIn the Internet appeared the first images from the set of vampire romantic Comedy "Vampire".Director of the film is Amy Heckerling, she also wrote the script. The film stars Sigourney weaver, Malcolm McDowell, Alicia Silverstone and krysten Ritter. The main heroine of the tape - two vampires (Silverstone and Ritter) living in modern new York. However, they both fall in love with an ordinary person, and as a result, their immortality is threatened.It is reported that McDowell will play in the film, Vlad the Impaler also known as Dracula. The weaver character, judging by the photos, is also a succubus. Source: Sigourney weaver will play a bloodsucker. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow announced the winners of the Operalia

In Moscow announced the winners of the OperaliaIn Moscow announced the winners of the vocal competition Operalia, RIA Novosti reported. The final round and the award ceremony took place in the Musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko on the evening of 24 July.First prize of the competition and the prize in the amount of 30 thousand euros received American renГ© Barbera and singer from South Africa Preti Gjende. They were awarded the prize of spectator sympathies. Barber also received the award for the best performance of the Zarzuela (10 thousand euros), a similar award in women divided Gjende and Olga Busuioc from Moldova.The Russians in the contest received the second and third prizes. Second prize went to baritone Konstantin Shushakov, the young artists program of the Bolshoi theatre, the third prize was won by soprano Olga Pudova. Second prize in the category "female vocal" obtained Olga Busuioc, third prize in the category "male vocals" - Jaesik Lee from South Korea.Also at the ceremony were presented with Culturarte prize - it went to the baritone from Chile Javier Arrey and award Birgit Nilsson, awarded for the best performance of Wagner and Strauss. Читать полностью -->

The mayor of Kiev is diluted because mistress

The mayor of Kiev is diluted because mistressSpouse flamboyant Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky has filed for divorce from his mistress. 40-year-old Elena Savchuk expects child policy, writes the Ukrainian press.40-year-old Elena was introduced to the mayor of Kiev, her mother, the senior pastor of the Holy of Holies, former pastor of Embassy of God Sofia jukotanskaja reports "Корреспондент.net". It turned out they already know "about the delicate relationship between Leonid Chernovetsky and Elena Savchuk". The girl was a frequent guest of the parish."She is a modest person, and she always dressed flashy, and do not forward leaning. She was always in the shadow of his mother, though very like her..." - said one of the parishioners of the Church. According to her, Sofia had long been familiar with Chernovetsky, and when he became mayor, asked him to arrange a daughter in the city administration. Читать полностью -->

Top 15 sexiest women of 2011

Top 15 sexiest women of 2011 Top 15 most extravagant, seductive, hot and sexy beauties of the planet by a popular edition of Esquire.Source: Top 15 sexiest women of 2011 . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The winner of the " Russian Booker of the decade`

The winner of the In the shortlist for the literary prize "Russian Booker of the decade" took place five novels that were chosen from 60 books, falling in the finals during 2001-2010.It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the statement by the organizers of the awards made during the press conference, "Booker".Got in the final novel novel "the nine days of Karaganda, or the Story of the last days" Oleg Pavlov, who received the award in 2002, "Sanka" Zakhar Prilepin, finalist "Booker" in 2006, and the piece "Eltahawy" the Novel Senchina, finalist 2009. In addition, the short list was a novel by Ludmila Ulitskaya's Daniel Stein, interpreter", the last in the final in 2007, and also the novel "Lies the haze on old steps..." writer Alexander Chudakov, finalist 2001.The winner of the award will be announced on 1 December; the winner will receive 600 thousand rubles.The award "Russian Booker", established in 1991, was first awarded in 1992. Since then, the "Booker" was awarded annually, but this year because of the change of sponsor, which occurred after the beginning of the award cycle, it was decided to present the "Russian Booker of the decade", so as not to miss a year.In the current jury included representatives of the jury in different years. Earlier it was reported that the finalists will be awarded points, and in that case, if multiple works are the same ratings, the award may not receive a single author. Source: Announced the finalists of the "Russian Booker of the decade"". . Читать полностью -->

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