Battered Meladze girl sues singer

Battered Meladze girl sues singerBattered the singer Valery Meladze photo correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Evgenia Guseva intends to apply for artist in the court. This was reported by the journalist "KP" Maria Remizova."In this situation, apologize, of course, a little. Wanted him to answer before the law. We will file a lawsuit. We already wrote a statement to the police that he had been hit, choked, and forcibly snatched the SIM card. But the statement is short," she said in an interview RSN.According to M. Читать полностью -->

The layout

The layoutIf not press conference, which convened on 11 October, a famous impresario Victor Shulman, neither I nor, I believe, who is another Russian in America paid no particular attention was held last Sunday on TV channel NTV transmission "confession". The usual sort of "thing" - something divided between the so-called Russian "stars". This time it was about how they risk their lives and health in everyday life: some of dewali were in a car accident, the other boys almost got burned up, and still others almost flew in the plane, where spilled nitric acid...Another story: shot or didn't shoot the Manager-drunk forgotten group "Gaza Strip"... And then all of a sudden the already overexposed story about how the Prosecutor's office in the 80s almost shoved Vladimir Vysotsky and his business Manager for fraud with tickets...Well sit, well look - and what is it to you that the TV crew suddenly powerstyle the great Vladimir Vysotsky to modern "bitches" and change the accent, "bitches"? And what is it to you that then came the story about how supposedly had a bad team Alla Pugacheva during the last, called "jubilee" tour in the USA, the impresario of which was Victor Shulman? So, for you, the immigrant, as they say in Russia, pelopidas, and not expected.It is only after the press conference, after reviewing the recording of the program NTV, I realized that the layout of the plot with Vysotsky and his impresario was needed to follow to coordinate the next story. Fine bunch - by: "Vladimir Vysotsky was the first customer in America's most famous impresario Victor Shulman".Yes, he was. And not only he and one hundred of them are "stars" - one other is brighter. Читать полностью -->

`Miss Finland` refused the crown

`Miss Finland` refused the crownAn unexpected mishap turned the anniversary, the 80th contest "Miss Finland". For the first time in the history of Finnish beauty contest winner refused the crown.As a result, the country became two of the first beauties, ITAR-TASS reported. While the population of Finland was amazed when the winner of the contest "Miss Suomi", 20-year-old blonde Pia Pakarinen stated that no longer wishes to wear the crown a Finnish beauty Queen.Pekkarinen, recently represented his country at the contest "Miss universe", but there were not qualified to the final, criticized the system of organization of the contest, calling it "callous". According to the blonde, after winning the girls are left to their fate, without any interest on completion of the competition.Right now "Miss Finland" given to the first Vice-miss - a native of Oulu Sarah Sieppi. She's already had its first photo shoot as the most beautiful girls in Finland and began to prepare to participate in the contest "Miss world", which will be held soon in London.Sappi said that he hoped "to gain new experience and to try different types of activities, therefore, wants to "be open to all new things." However, she admitted that what had happened to her the change was quite unexpected, and it is not yet understood engulfed her "mixed feelings".Beauty pageants in Finland are carried out from 1920-ies. Annual they have become since 1931. Читать полностью -->

Warner Bros. plans to shoot 3 film about Sherlock Holmes

Warner Bros. plans to shoot 3 film about Sherlock HolmesWarner Bros. plans to shoot the third film of Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude law, according to the website Deadline.The company chose drew Pearce as a writer of the third series. Currently, pierce is working on the script for the film "Iron man 3", the main role which also takes the Downey, Jr.The second film in Warner Bros. about Holmes until he released. Читать полностью -->

Edward Norton will play the unnamed villain

Edward Norton will play the unnamed villainEdward Norton will play the main negative and yet unnamed character in the movie "the Bourne Legacy", according to Variety.The plot of the original trilogy - "the Bourne Identity", "the Bourne Supremacy" and "Bourne Ultimatum" is built around a secret agent with amnesia Jason Bourne. The details of the plot of the new film be kept confidential. We only know that the film is set around the project Treadstone, which was born. In the center of the plot, however, will not he, but another participant in the same project in the performance of Jeremy Renner.The Director is Tony Gilroy, who was the screenwriter of the original trilogy of "borne" with Matt Damon. Engaged in film production company Universal. Out in cinemas new ribbon in 2012. Читать полностью -->

Arkady Ukupnik is preparing to become a father

Arkady Ukupnik is preparing to become a fatherAny day a 58-year-old singer and composer born third child. The sex of a baby's parents decided not to find out, but somehow believe that having a girl.Pregnancy Arkady and his wife Natalia kept a secret - not reported nor friends, nor even the press. "To the last friends didn't notice that I was expecting, but at the end of April already appeared tummy," said the expectant mother. Then "came to" and to journalists. However, when asked spouses only answer that will tell all later, but for now - silence, so as not to jinx it.According to Natasha, the child regularly reminds himself, is actively pushing. "If we talk about the physical condition, I feel good, maybe even better than expected. Читать полностью -->

Groupies Malakhov stole the wallet

Groupies Malakhov stole the walletAndrey Malakhov not only got married this summer, but noted professional anniversary-for the past 10 years, he is on the First channel using the wildly popular talk show "Let them talk", formerly named "Big wash".At the very beginning of her career fate gave Andrew a painful vaccinated against star disease. "I well remember the disappointment when I received my first paycheck as a leading new program. It was stolen from me on the same day in the supermarket! Walked to the exit hung with bags of groceries, when I was surrounded by girls to give an autograph. I was delighted: "Here it is, thanks!" - with a smile says Andrew.But when fans went, broadcaster realized that together they autographed and grabbed the wallet. "I had been ill star disease, before it really get infected," concluded showman.It should be noted that the years does not affect the appearance of the Malakhov. Andrew always cheerful and fresh, despite the bad environment of the metropolis and quite nervous. Читать полностью -->

Knightley will play the title role in `the Geographer drank his globe away`

Knightley will play the title role in `the Geographer drank his globe away`The main role in the film "the Geographer globe propyl" based on the novel by Alexei Ivanov can play actor Konstantin Khabensky, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to Director of public relations of the company "Red arrow" Dmitry Davydenko.According to him, while Khabensky not approved for the role, but is seen as the main contender. Other candidates are kept secret.Meanwhile, the second film's Director Irina Tretyakova told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" that Khabensky already approved for the role.Previously as a candidate for the role of a geography teacher from the Perm school Victor Kuzkina considered Yevgeny Mironov.The project received support from the development Fund of the national cinema as a socially significant. The production of the film "the Geographer globe propyl" deals Alexander Veledinsky, known for his painting "Live", as well as participate in the creation of the series "Brigada". Shooting should begin in Perm on 2 November 2011 in the school N9.This school was chosen not by accident, the newspaper said. In the spring of this year at this school opened theatre "School of keira Knightley". According to Tretyakova, about this school, the filmmakers learned from Khabensky, when he was approved for the role.Alexey Ivanov is the author of the novels "Heart of Parma", "the Geographer globe propyl" and others, as well as the screenplay for the film by Pavel Lungin's "Tsar". Читать полностью -->

The football player of Russian national team was robbed in England

The football player of Russian national team was robbed in EnglandThe football player of Russian national team and English Everton Diniyar Bilyaletdinov robbed in Liverpool. Hooligans at night broke into his car, breaking the glass.Of this sad event in his Twitter announced the athlete: "Someone broke the glass of my car and climbed inside. I was sleeping and heard a noise in the street, right next to the house. It all happened a meter away from where I live.". . . Читать полностью -->