Demi Moore filed for divorce

Demi Moore filed for divorceHollywood actress demi Moore has officially filed for divorce. She could no longer bear the cheating spouse.As the information Agency "Rosbalt", demi Moore has decided to formally end the marriage with her husband, a popular Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher. The reason was cheating. Distressed demi Moore comments on his decision: "I am very humbled. I had a tough time with this decision, but I won't be able to trust my spouse". The agent and the lawyer of the actress refrained from commenting.Recall, the cause of the rupture was the relationship of Ashton Kutcher with 23 year old Sara Leal. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow opened an exhibition of dolls from the collection Obraztsova

In Moscow opened an exhibition of dolls from the collection ObraztsovaIn Moscow on 5 July the exhibition "the Space of the dolls where the dolls from the collection of Sergei Obraztsov, ITAR-TASS reported. The exhibition is timed to the 110th anniversary since the birth of Obraztsova.The exposition is composed of dolls Museum Foundation in theatre, numbering over four thousand exhibits. The puppet Museum is open and at the Obraztsov Theatre, however, the exhibition, held in the complex "vetoshny", presents many of the exhibits from the Museum's storerooms, are not included in its permanent exhibition.In particular, at the exhibition you can see the Parsley and his "brothers" from other countries - punch from England, Vasilache from Romania and Kasparek from the Czech Republic. The exhibition includes dolls from many countries - China, Mongolia, Italy, India, Japan and Vietnam, as well as dolls of different types of puppets, glove, tablet and shadow.People's artist of the USSR Sergey Obraztsov created a puppet Theater in 1932. This theater is the largest puppet theater in the world, and the Museum's collection - the largest in Russia, it includes not only the dolls themselves, but the theatrical posters, sketches of scenery and costumes, photographs and videos and more (a total of 135 thousand units).The exhibition will be open until October 1. Source: In Moscow opened an exhibition of dolls from the collection Obraztsova. Читать полностью -->

`Twilight. Saga. Dawn. Part 1` got rolling rating

`Twilight. Saga. Dawn. Part 1` got rolling ratingAmerican Association of filmmakers appropriated rolling the rating of the movie "Twilight. Saga. Dawn. Читать полностью -->

Victoria Bonia no longer hides her pregnancy

Victoria Bonia no longer hides her pregnancyTV presenter and socialite Victoria Bonia no longer hide her pregnancy. The girl said that is already six months along and expecting a baby girl.On the fifth anniversary of the magazine "OK!" was going to the domestic elite - including the expectant mother Victoria Bonia. Many media outlets in early autumn noticed the rounded tummy socialite, but Victoria persistently denied the fact of pregnancy. Meanwhile, the rumors did not stop, and here at the festival Bonia told her friends that she is six months pregnant and expecting a girl, reports the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Joyful friends began to congratulate the mother.It is worth noting that Victoria Bonia, unlike many, tolerates pregnancy. The girl vengeance attends social events, and participates in the filming of various programs and even visits the bath. Читать полностью -->

Daughter Elena Zakharova died in hospital

Daughter Elena Zakharova died in hospital8-month-old daughter of the actress died Thursday night in a hospital from an acute viral infection.The doctors six days fought for the life of the baby with a touching double name Anna-Maria. The actress all the time I was with my daughter in the intensive care unit. But, despite all efforts of doctors, the baby did not manage to save.A week ago, when the girl suddenly rose to high temperature, Zakharov thought that this is a common children's cold. Moreover, in young children during the autumn cold snap that happens frequently. But it was much more serious.Arrived on a call, the ambulance was rushed Anne-Marie in the city infectious diseases hospital No. 2, where it was immediately placed in the intensive care unit.All this time, the 8-month-old girl had a high fever. Читать полностью -->

Noam Murro is preparing a prequel to `300 Spartans`

Noam Murro is preparing a prequel to `300 Spartans`Very interesting interpretation of historical events intend to offer the audience the creators of the film "300: the Battle of Artemisia", which will be a prequel to the famous movie by Zack Snyder.As reported by the resource MovieHole, a detailed description of the plot is contained in the casting sheets, which will be offered to potential performers of the main roles.In particular, it became known that the plot is basically not even concentrate on the Persian king Xerxes, his enthronement and the campaigns in Greece and to a certain prophetess-Artemisia.According to the authors of the project, it was she who persuaded Xerxes to take revenge from the Greeks for the murder of his father," (though in fact no evidence of violent death the Persian ruler no - note KinoNews).Moreover, the impact of Artemisia was so great that she even tried to persuade to go to the side of Persia, the Greek commander Themistocles who created the Athenian fleet and inflicted crushing defeat on the Persians in the future.Recall that the Director of the Israeli film will be directed by Noam Murro. Source: Noam Murro is preparing a prequel to "300"". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Jessica Alba gave birth to a girl

Jessica Alba gave birth to a girlAbout this American actress was reported on his page on Facebook a few hours ago.Alba wrote, had a baby Saturday, August 13. The girl they decided to name haven garner. Jessica Alba and her husband Cache Warren and haven garner was the second daughter. The first girl honor Marie was born to a pair of 7 June 2008. As pointed out in its report, the actress, honor a very happy birth sisters. Shortly before the birth of the 30-year-old Alba said that most likely she and her husband will be limited to two children in the family.Haven garner was born a few days before the premiere of the new work of her mother. Читать полностью -->

Found unknown portrait of Velazquez

Found unknown portrait of VelazquezIn London among the paintings of the British painter Matthew Shepperson (Matthew Shepperson, 1785-1874) was discovered an unknown portrait by Spanish artist of the seventeenth century by Diego velГЎzquez.About this newspaper The London Evening Standard. In August 2010 pictures of Sheperson brought to the UK capital at the Bonhams auction, where experts immediately noticed that one painting is very different from the others in technique, and suggested that it could be written by Velasquez. After this picture was taken off the auction, and the head office contacted Bonhams specialists from Madrid and Dublin, which after research proved the authorship of the Spaniard.On the Bonhams website reported that the portrait of the unknown man will be put up for auction of old masters, which will take place on 7 December. The auction house estimates the picture 2.2-3.4 million euros. Head of Bonhams old master Andrew Mackenzie Andrew Mackenzie) expressed confidence that the movie will cause a stir, because such discoveries occur "once in a lifetime".Despite the fact that the person who posed reliably established, it has been suggested that Velasquez could represent Juan Mateos, Manager of the Royal hounds.Pictures of Sheperson was sold in August last year. As notes the edition, each Briton was estimated at 350 thousand euros. Читать полностью -->

Died `the father of cryonics` Robert Ettinger

Died `the father of cryonics` Robert EttingerIn the United States died physicist Robert Ettinger, who created the concept of cryonics whose followers are asked to freeze them after death in the hope that over time, scientists will find a way to resurrect people.The Oettinger body was also placed in a freezing chamber and became the 106th among stored at the cryonics Institute, scientist was founded in 1976, the Associated Press reports.Robert Ettinger died on Saturday, July 23, at the age of 92 at his home in the suburbs of Detroit. According to media reports, for several years he was sick and felt bad."My father devoted himself to business, which would have allowed it to friends and other people to come back to life. No one can say for sure, get it or not, but we think there is a good chance of success", - quotes "gazety" the words of the son of scientist David.Oettinger, who taught physics at an American University before the Second world war, he was drafted into the army, went to the European front where he was severely wounded during the battle of Ardennes. He spent several years in hospitals, where he was implanted bone graft, allowed to walk. The success of the operation was inspired by Oettinger on the idea that science is able to return a man's life after death.American received the unofficial title of "father of cryonics" because of published in 1964, the book the Prospect of immortality". For nearly half a century Oettinger defended in his articles and speeches on radio and television, the idea of cryonics.Some believe Robert Ettinger also a pioneer of the philosophy of transhumanism on the basis of which he wrote in 1972 the book "From man to Superman". Читать полностью -->

Charlize Theron appears in a new image

Charlize Theron appears in a new image New film actress is called "Young adult". And Charlize will appear on the screen in a completely new way.In scenario a Diablo Cody character 36-year-old Taron Mavis Gary spelled out as "the girl you hated in high school". The author says of the plot outline:"There certainly has elements of humor, but the painting itself is a pretty strong history of global failures in life".The New York Times was already named the main character of the new film "a most unpleasant character in film history for many years. In his interview with Charlize admitted:"Sometimes I think that is crazy to have agreed to such a role! It is very risky, but at the same time, maybe this is my chance, a new opportunity in my career.". . . Читать полностью -->

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