Actors `Taganka` round-the-clock guard documentation theatre

Actors `Taganka` round-the-clock guard documentation theatreActors of Theatre on Taganke has decided to take the documentation of theatre under round the clock protection until the appointment of a new artistic Director, reports "Interfax"."We will be on duty in the theatre as much as necessary, and will protect the remaining documentation from unauthorized persons", - said the Agency one of the actors, noting that Yuri Lyubimov "almost all from the theatre made".As write "news" referring to a source in the theatre, actors fear not only the loss of documents - they are also afraid to go in the summer vacation. The holiday begins on July 15 and Lyubimov should officially leave the theater only 16, so the actors want to postpone the beginning of the leave for one day to a new artistic Director was appointed in their presence.Previously, the actors Taganka" has repeatedly stated that Lyubimov, who is now on vacation, will try to save their theatre. "Despite the fact that his statement is signed, it's not the end of history", - was stated in one of the published troupe open letters. In the latest letter, the actors even suspected Lyubimov in the desire to "liberate troupe from the theatre's premises".Yesterday, July 13, at the Taganka Theater General meeting, at which the actors unanimously nominated for the post of artistic Director of a leading actor Valery Zolotukhin. He agreed to head the theatre, and his candidacy has already proposed to the government of Moscow. It is assumed that in the case of Zolotukhin will be a temporary artistic Director of the theatre before the start of the new season. Читать полностью -->

Anastasia held a photo shoot on a yacht

Anastasia held a photo shoot on a yacht Scandalous ballerina again pleased candid photo shoot - this time not from the Maldives, and Montenegro.By tradition, the next portion of the photo was posted on the personal blog of Anastasia post has touched her stay in Montenegro with mom and daughter."Every morning we have to charge. I pumped the shoulder, doing well and my baby too close. It is well done, as well, that we all do morning exercises. We mastered the skill of riding, and just enjoying the sun" - shared ballerina details. Source: Anastasia had a photo session on a yacht . . Читать полностью -->

Repin came on stage with the orchestra `New Russia`

Repin came on stage with the orchestra `New Russia` Fortieth anniversary as a rule, do not celebrate. But the musician, who is called "the Grand violin", it is impossible to avoid the jubilee concerts - waiting for them and the public, and colleagues.Vadim Repin in this festive and musical atmosphere has been living for several months. And... continues to receive gifts.Source: Repin came on stage with the orchestra "New Russia" . . . Читать полностью -->

Died football player of the national team of the USSR Gennady Logofet

Died football player of the national team of the USSR Gennady LogofetDecember 5, died, the former footballer of the Moscow "Spartak" and the national team of the USSR Gennady Logofet, the official website of the Russian football Union (RFU). He was 69 years old.In structure "Spartaka" the Logothete has conducted more than 300 official matches, won two Championships of the USSR (1962 and 1969) and three country Cup (in 1963, 1965 and 1971).For the national team of the Soviet Union, the Logothete, who played as a defender, from 1963 to 1970 had 17 matches. He played at the European championship in 1968 and 1970 world Cup.At the end of his football career Logofet became a coach. In 1980-1982 he was a member of the coaching staff of the USSR. In addition, the Logothete worked in the youth team of the USSR, the second team of the USSR, Simferopol "Tavria", "Sharjah" from UAE and Moscow Spartak. Source: Dead football player of the national team of the USSR Gennady Logofet. Читать полностью -->

Brigitte Bardot threatens to make this an international incident

Brigitte Bardot threatens to make this an international incidentLegendary Frenchwoman Brigitte Bardot threatens to throw a huge international scandal if the President will continue to ignore her letters. As you might guess, these letters do not love, and angry.As you know, the actress has long devoted himself to the protection of the rights of animals, it is not surprising that she went into a rage after learning how monstrously in Ukraine treat homeless animals. On the eve of Euro-2012, the government decided to clean up the streets from stray dogs, however, methods chose not humane to catch and burn the poor animals. Of course, Brigitte Bardot decided to intervene in this situation and wrote an open letter to Victor Fedorovich:"In my organization receives hundreds of calls with complaints methods applied to these animals, with the aim to "clean up" the streets of the cities of Ukraine to Euro-2012. It's just disgusting and gross for "civilized" country!". . Читать полностью -->

Catherine Deneuve is suffering because of old age and senility

Catherine Deneuve is suffering because of old age and senility67-year-old legend of the French and world cinema Catherine Deneuve (Catherine Deneuve) has admitted that she felt bad to be old, although for Directors, it remains desirable at any age."Aging is to feel that everything is out in the void: power over, energy decreases, bones become thinner, the muscles disappear, the skin dries. It's a slow fade... But, in the end, the most important thing to keep your head on your shoulders!", "smiles the actress."Men are less speak about it, because aging is not so noticeable and appearance for them is not so important. Yet they also suffer from it, no doubt. All suffer from it!", - frankly said Catherine Deneuve in an interview with Psychologies magazine.Actress, exchanging seventh decade, does not look his age. Wave thick blond hair, coolly beautiful face, low voice, she utters a phrase where the words are in a hurry and jostle against each other. Читать полностью -->

Kate Beckinsale was photographed for GQ magazine

Kate Beckinsale was photographed for GQ magazine Kate Beckinsale in a photo shoot with Carter Smith for GQ magazine (2004).Source: Kate Beckinsale photographed for GQ magazine . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Olga Slutsker brought out new elect

Olga Slutsker brought out new electAthlete, businesswoman and beauty Olga Slutsker decided on a few days to join a stellar coterie of the festival "New wave" - at a party in Jurmala, she appeared in the company of Chairman of OAO "Gazprom Neft" 43-year-old Alexander Dyukov.New choice 46-year-old owner of a chain of fitness centers and one of the wealthiest women of our country, like Olga, besides business, indifferent to the world of sports. Dyukov concurrently holds the post of Director of football club "Zenit". So Olga and Alexander can be called a pair.RomanceLove is not in vain decided to change noisy and hot Moscow for a quiet leisurely Jurmala. Walks along the sea coast, Baltic light breeze and the sunset was distracted by a couple from everyday life, plunging into the world of romantic experiences.- They dined several times and we really had a nice conversation, - has shared with "Z" the Manager of one of the restaurants on the beach. - Cavalier very gallantly took care of their companion, in General, behaved like a real gentleman.However, Olga and Alexander in Jurmala enjoyed not only each other's company - a couple of hard partying at one of the afterparties. But, even with friends, the Dukes tried for a second not to release the hand from his companion's hands.After several days of Jurmala holidays Olga and Alexander returned to the capital. Читать полностью -->

Unknown facts about the private life of Grigory Leps

Unknown facts about the private life of Grigory LepsPopular singer Grigory Leps has long been found happiness with his second wife - together with Anna they had three children: Eva, Nicole and Vano. Never the singer did not leave without attention and his eldest daughter - Inga Lepsveridze.But that's who her mother is the first love of the famous artist? Where is she now and how did her life after divorce with one of the highest paid singers of Russia? Correspondents "Your DAY" was able to lift the veil of secrecy first marriage famous Leps.About his first family Union with a classmate at the Sochi musical College Grigory Leps always tells sparingly. He recalls: "We were very young, in no way wanted each other to yield. Here and fled". In these words is the truth, but not all.Gregory, then Lepsveridze, and Svetlana Dubinsky studied together at the music school in Sochi. Boy - on percussion, and the girl on the vocal.- Grisha I remember very young, " says the teacher of solfeggio and theory of harmony Oleh Lukancic. Читать полностью -->

Irina Shayk stripped for Elle magazine

Irina Shayk stripped for Elle magazine Girlfriend Ronaldo Russian beauty Irina Shayk is always a pleasure demonstrates her body in the clothes, a bathing suit or Nude.On the December cover of Elle supermodel will appear in rhinestones bright red color - 3.5 thousand Swarovski crystals adorned the body of the beloved footballer Ronaldo. Preparing for a photo shoot and the shooting lasted for 8 hours.Source: Irina Shayk stripped for Elle magazine . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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